Mulch Your Garden and Save Water with Debco
3:31 pm | December 15, 2016

As the temperature rises, water loss from the soil surface and from the foliage of many plants increases. Most of south-eastern Australia’s seasonal rainfall will have fallen by now so it’s important to prevent evaporative loss from the soil surface.

For gardeners who have not yet mulched their gardens, now is the time to get it done. Applying mulches has the major benefit of saving water by sealing the soil surface from sun and wind but beyond that it has other major benefits;
• Reducing Weed Growth
• Improving Soil Structure by increasing micro-organism and worm activity
• Clay breaking catalyst
• Maximum water penetration. Includes our Debco Saturaid
• Erosion Control
• Decorative Appearance
Our advice to gardeners is to feed their plants at the same time that they mulch, however Debco’s Mulch overcomes the need for these two steps, by combining high quality organic mulch with a slow-release fertiliser to achieve all the objectives of mulching while feeding at the same time. Perfect for the gardener with little spare time.
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