About IGC

IGC was formed in 2013 and is largest retail group for independent retail garden centres. Our vision is that independent garden centre retailers will thrive under their own unique, individual banners whilst simultaneously banding together to create a power force within this industry thus increasing their competitiveness, and profitability for themselves and our suppliers. We call it “The law of mutual exchange”. Our philosophy is that retailers should maintain their freedom of independence whilst enjoying the benefits of group membership. With over 50 retail members, and a select suite of preferred suppliers, we work with our members by providing services from our virtual marketing department, group promotions, through to networking, annual conferences, and exclusive trading arrangements with preferred suppliers. Our retail members are privately owned businesses that are operated with passion. Spread throughout Australia and linked to local communities, independent garden centres are the true place for quality plants and products, expertise and knowledge, plus personal service that is second to none. With one voice, we can make a positive difference for all independently owned garden centres, and we encourage all garden centre retailers to become an IGC member today.


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  • Peter Thorburn of Honeysuckle Garden Mosman & Turramurra, NSW

    Testimonial: “We value our membership of Independent Garden Centres very highly…I would say to any retailers…if you’re not involved in a group, you’re doing yourself a disservice because if we stand together in a group we speak with one voice”.