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Tips & Tricks

  • Plant Power

    12:43 pm | September 25, 2020

    Suitable for most plant types including Azaleas, Camellias, Seedlings, Potted Colour, Citrus, Hanging Baskets, Bloomers, Fruit Trees, Flowering Shrubs, Orchids, Vegetables, Buxus, Roses and Indoor Plants. Feeds up to three months Promotes new growth evenly Increases Flowering and Fruiting Effective in all soils / potting mixes Contains Trace elements Sticks to the potting mix – if the pot blows over it saves fertiliser and […]

  • Dear All, The NGINA (the NSW State Industry Association) has been liaising with the NSW Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales on behalf of Members surrounding COVID-19 and what sectors fall into the “essential services” category. The Minister’s Policy Director has confirmed with the NGINA that all nurseries – retail, wholesale and production are considered “essential services” and should conduct “business as […]

  • Great tips about lawn care

    1:00 pm | July 19, 2014

    Lawn Care Lawns are perhaps the most noticeable feature of the home garden as they provide the focus for outdoor activities, create a feeling of spaciousness and enhance the surrounding garden. This lush green carpet effect is easily obtainable, but the type of lawn you choose could make all the difference. The most important things to consider include what purpose it will serve, soil […]