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  • Lychees

    7:32 am | June 16, 2016

    Fresh Lychees straight from the tree in midsummer are a true delight. Lychees were brought to North Queensland by Chinese gold diggers late last century. Many people have tasted canned lychees served with ice-cream in Chinese restaurants- but rest assured, the canned ones just cannot be compared to the real thing. The Lychee tree is an attractive evergreen plant. The foliage is dark and […]

  • Grapes

    6:27 am | October 31, 2014

    The grapevine is one of the oldest known fruit plants to be cultivated by man. It is a deciduous vine that has attractive light green foliage in spring changing to dark green in summer. The vine is easy to grow and very reliable with its fruit production. It makes an ideal pergola cover giving cool shade in summer, but also lets the sun through […]

  • Kiwi Fruit vs Chinese Gooseberry

    9:51 pm | July 29, 2014

    The Kiwi fruit is a large, vigorous vine that loses its leaves in winter. It is native to Southern China and used to be called Chinese gooseberry until the New Zealand farmers decided to exploit it and popularized the name worldwide with their lucrative exports of the hairy brown fruit. Kiwi fruit are surprisingly easy to grow if a few simple rules are followed; […]

  • Orchid Elegance

    8:53 pm | July 29, 2014

    Orchids in bloom are elegant, eye catching plants for indoor and outdoor decoration. The flowers of most types of orchids last for weeks and sometimes months. There are many varieties available in a wide range of colours including green, yellow, brown and red. Being evergreen, the plants long strap-like leaves can also be attractive even when the plant is not flowering. The peak flowering […]

  • Pots and Baskets For Your Home

    10:48 pm | July 26, 2014

    We have a great range of colourful indoor bowls from Lifestyle Homewares, hanging baskets from Brunnings/Gardman and ferns from Paterson Fern Nursery featuring in our spring 2014 catalogue – out soon! “Pots” is a simple word to embrace the myriad of shapes and sizes of containers in which plants may be grown. These range from a miniature bonsai pot to a large urn or […]