Cera Trap®
1:27 pm | November 7, 2016

Use Cera Trap® – the effective and environmentally appropriate solution to the problem of Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) and Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactroceratryoni). Targets both male and female fruit fly.The Cera Trap® mass trapping system is an innovative,highly effective method to assist in the management of fruit fly.

Cera Trap® contains a unique protein based liquid solution that is very attractive to both female and male fruit fly. Once the lid is removed from the bottle, the smell of the liquid lures the fruit fly into a specially designed trap. Unable to escape, the fruit fly remain in the trap and drown in the liquid. The organic liquid does not contain any pesticides and will continue to work even when many flies have drowned in the liquid.

When to use:

Use Cera Trap before fruit flies start attacking the fruit. Cera Trap should be hung in trees when the fruit are small and still developing. Ideally, hang the traps when fruit reaches approximately one third its final size. The traps should be hung on the northern side of the tree, at a height of approximately 1.5 metres and within the tree canopy. The traps should be placed evenly throughout the garden, except where there are recognised areas of high insect activity, these areas should be reinforced with additional traps. To reduce pest numbers it is essential to install the traps at least 45 days prior to fruit ripening.
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