TLC Tips for your Roses
10:47 am | August 30, 2013
Roses are very forgiving plants and will tolerate just about anything but with a little simple TLC, they will reward you with many magnificent blooms.

  • Fertilise every 6 weeks from spring to mid-autumn with Sudden Impact for Roses.
  • Use Yates Advanced Spray for Roses regularly in the warm months to control bugs and black spot.
  • Water deeply at the base of the plants every few days
  • Prune regularly in winter with clean secateurs, especially after flowering.
  • Cut out all old twiggy/scraggly bits so you end up with about 4 or 5 strong outward facing stems.
  • Cut on a slant above an outward facing bud.
  • Spray the pruned bushes Lime Sulfur as per directions to kill off dormant fungal spores.
  • Mulch the plants with cow manure and sugar cane mulch. Fertilise in Spring.
  • Don’t compost the prunings – they go in the green waste bin.
  • Cutting rose blooms for flower arrangements is good for the plants.
  • Grow in full sun and feed regularly.

Bulbs are a spring favourite, but now is actually the time to buy them so you are fully prepared for spring flowering.

  • Buy early to get the best selection.
  • Store in a cool dry spot and plant out around Anzac Day for best results.
  • Always plant Spring Bulbs in clumps (not lines) for best effect and plant twice the depth of the bulb in the ground (except Hyacinths).
  • Always use Bulb Planting Mix for Potted Bulbs. Also dig some into the ground when planting out.
  • Feed Bulbs with GardenGold at planting time and then use Yates Flower & Fruit fertiliser every few weeks.
  • Contact your local IGC store today to learn about all of the other awesome winter perennial plants they have on offer.