Keeping kids occupied during Xmas holidays
8:59 am | November 27, 2015

Families with children are increasingly aware of the physical and emotional benefits of gardening for their kids. Not only does gardening provide great physical exercise and get the kids outdoors away from the TV and video games, it also teaches the kids a whole bunch about healthy eating and respect for Mother Nature. Garden also teaches lessons in patience, nurturing and caring for other living beings. And most of all it is very rewarding – at the end of it kids get to enjoy beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables they have grown with their own hands. Even the pickiest eaters will tuck into veggies they have grown from scratch themselves!

Mr Fothergill’s has developed a range of gardening products that are designed to get kids into gardening. The Little Gardeners range includes a number of seed packets and super easy all-in-one kits that come with all you need to keep kids busy, having fun and learning about Mother Nature.

Little Gardeners Windowsill Pots

Little Gardeners 1

These coffee cup sized all-in-one kits contain a pot, a lid that turns the pot into a mini greenhouse, a soil pellet and seeds. Varieties include Lemonade Plant (Lemon Balm), Lolly Plant (Stevia), Mini Strawberry and Mini Tomato. All you need to do is add water to the soil pellet, plant the seeds when the pellet has turned to soil and pop the clear lid on top until seedlings emerge. Easy! The pot comes with a recipe suggestion for the kids to use their fresh produce in.

Little Gardeners Grow & Create Pots

Little Gardeners 2

These complete project kits contain a brightly coloured reusable plastic pot, soil pellets, seeds, a sticker sheet and an activity sheet. The stickers are for the kids to design and personalise their pot to their liking. Then its time to expand the soil pellets with water and plant the seeds, and the activity sheet helps with passing the time while waiting for the seeds to grow. Varieties include: Flower Power, Mini Sunflowers, Tickling Mimosa and Mini Tomato.

Little Gardeners Garden Starter Trays

Little Gardeners 3Little Gardeners 3b



These themed all-in-one kits consist of a fun self-watering growing tray, soil pellets, plant tags and 3 types of seeds. Start the seedlings in the tray, then transplant them into the garden when strong enough. Try a Pizza Garden, Sandwich Garden or a Fruit Salad Garden.

Little Gardeners Garden Starter Cubes

Little Gardeners 4

Similarly to the Garden Starter Trays, these themed kits also enable you to grow a garden: Veggie Garden, Pizza Garden, Sunflower Garden or a Butterfly Garden. Each kit contain 3 types of seed, Jiffy pots, soil pellets, popsicle sticks for creating your own plant tags using cut-outs from the box, and an activity booklet.


Little Gardeners Seed Packets

Little Gardeners seed packets are project based and come with a growing competition inside the pack. Seven great varieties to choose from: Butterfly Garden, Cress Eggheads, Giant Pumpkins, Giant Sunflowers, Climbing Bean/Snow Pea Teepee and Rainbow Veggie Garden. Easy to follow growing instructions!

Little Gardeners 5

If you need more gardening activities to keep the kids busy through school holidays, head to the                  Mr Fothergill’s website at where you can find exciting project sheets for kids.



  • Windowsill Pots RRP $3.95
  • Grow & Create Pots RRP $9.95
  • Garden Starter Kits RRP $7.95
  • Garden Starter Cubes RRP $5.95
  • Seed packets range from $2.95 – $4.75