Johnsons World Kitchen
11:03 am | October 2, 2015


A new range of vegetable seeds bring gourmet flavours to your home garden

Having gourmet ingredients at your fingertips is a growing trend fuelled by celebrity chefs and cooking shows. This rising popularity of international and diverse cuisine is driving demand for exotic vegetables and herbs with many of these not readily available in supermarkets.

Johnsons World Kitchen is a new and unique range of packet seeds that answers this demand with a range of 80 distinctive varieties that are essential ingredients in the regional cuisines including the Americas, Asia, Europe, France and the Mediterranean.

Many of the popular varieties we enjoy have their origins in the Americas such as Tomatoes, Sweet Corn and Pumpkins. South and Central America are famous for their chillies and unusual fruits and vegetables such as Amaranthus and Tomatillo.

Asia is famous for some classic vegetables and herbs such as Choy Sum, Thai Eggplant, Water Spinach, Daikon Radish, Winged Peas and even Goji Berry which all deliver that truly authentic flavour.

Root vegetables are the staple ingredients in stews, soups and casseroles and form the basis of European cuisine. Beetroot, Cabbage, Celeriac, Kohl Rabi and Parsnip are some of the staple ingredients of classic winter cooking.

Think of gourmet cooking and most people think of France – the birthplace of haute or nouvelle cooking with a strong emphasis on high quality and fresh ingredients. Artichoke, Chervil, Chicory and Chives are a few of the distinctive herbs and vegetables that give French cooking its unique flavour and class.

The Mediterranean region is the origin of some of the world’s most famous dishes and classic recipes. The Italian cuisine is possibly the widest spread in the world and is characterised by the aroma of Basil and Tomatoes whereas the Greek kitchen bursts with the flavours of Lemon, Thyme and Oregano. Herbs such as Rosemary, Mint and Parsley are also widely used and this region is the home of some classic vegetables including Broccoli and Eggplant.

Garden lovers now have the opportunity to experiment with these exciting varieties with the Johnsons World Kitchen seed range. Every packet also comes with a recipe tip for a little extra inspiration, and with more recipes on the Johnsons website there is no shortage of ideas!

New varieties introduced this spring in the World Kitchen seed range include:

The new varieties include:

Eggplant Ping Tung Long: A very high yielding variety producing up to 20 long and narrow fruits per plant. The beautiful amethyst coloured skin is very thin and needs no peeling. When cooked, the white flesh has a creamy texture that is never bitter. Characterised as excellent disease resistance and tolerance of heat and moisture. RRP $4.75.