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  • Lychees

    7:32 am | June 16, 2016
    Sticky Post

    Fresh Lychees straight from the tree in midsummer are a true delight. Lychees were brought to North Queensland by Chinese gold diggers late last century. Many people have tasted canned lychees served with ice-cream in Chinese restaurants- but rest assured, the canned ones just cannot be compared to the real thing. The Lychee tree is an attractive evergreen plant. The foliage is dark and […]

  • New Look Amgrow Organix Harvest

    7:15 am | June 16, 2017

    The new look Amgrow Organix Harvest is now in stores. Take advantage of using a BFA 100% organically certified product. All natural, containing seaweed, ocean fish and fulvic acid for enhanced nutrient uptake. Amgrow Organix Harvest is fantastic, improving soil structure, and increasing microbial activity of the soil for improved nutrient availability and uptake by plant growth. It also improves plant growth and boosts […]

  • Passionfruit

    6:14 am | June 16, 2017

    Passionfruit is a well-known and loved vine in Australia. It is very ornamental in leaf and flower and will improve the appearance of fences, stark walls, tanks, etc. They can be grown practically anywhere and require little attention for the bountiful crops of fruit they offer. The black or purple passionfruit is native of Brazil. Most varieties will bear fruit after just 12 months. […]

  • Whether it is in pots, containers or in vegie gardens, no matter the situation there is nothing better than growing and eating your own vegetables from your own garden. Tomato & Vegie Liquid fertiliser is the ideal fertiliser for all your edible plants including, tomatoes, herbs and vegetables. This unique formulation provides the benefits of blood and bone with natural growth stimulants in an […]

  • As the temperature rises, water loss from the soil surface and from the foliage of many plants increases. Most of south-eastern Australia’s seasonal rainfall will have fallen by now so it’s important to prevent evaporative loss from the soil surface. For gardeners who have not yet mulched their gardens, now is the time to get it done. Applying mulches has the major benefit of […]