Independent Garden Centres | October 2015 - Independent Garden Centres
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  • Johnsons World Kitchen

    11:03 am | October 2, 2015

      A new range of vegetable seeds bring gourmet flavours to your home garden Having gourmet ingredients at your fingertips is a growing trend fuelled by celebrity chefs and cooking shows. This rising popularity of international and diverse cuisine is driving demand for exotic vegetables and herbs with many of these not readily available in supermarkets. Johnsons World Kitchen is a new and unique […]

  • Microgreens

    9:49 am | October 2, 2015

    Sprouting is possibly the easiest form of growing your own fresh produce. It also provides fast results, with crops ready to harvest in as little as four days! Sprouts are often hailed as one of ‘Nature’s Super Foods’ as they are highly nutritious packed with enzymes and powerful protein. Sprouts are effectively the first stage of development in the plant’s life cycle. In this […]